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With Extraction Activity Ramping Back Up, Demanding for Supporting Equipment Heightens

With petroleum prices stabler than in the past, producers are feeling more confident about gearing up. Although many extraction operations suffered as global petroleum prices plummeted, improved efficiency means that formerly marginal projects have often since become viable. With OPEC scaling back its own output in an effort to support prices further, North American extraction specialists are ready to take advantage. In many cases, companies like Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies are equally ready to help, offering products that can make it much easier to get back into action.

Just what a given operation will need will depend on various factors. Drill pipe often accounts for a large portion of the investment needed to put a particular team or station back into the field. Making sure that assets of this kind remain well protected and properly cared for at all times will therefore almost always be a top priority.

There are a number of kinds of equipment that can contribute toward the achievement of such goals. Of all these, drill pipe handling frames often rank as some of the most fundamental of all, with sets of such supporting equipment playing a truly basic role. Frames meant to ease the storage and handling of drill pipes make it easy to collect dozens of lengths together into convenient, well protected bundles that can be moved, kept, and deployed as needed.

That type of functionality is inevitably valuable, and it can be achieved in a number of ways. Modern drill pipe frames are often made of durable, shock resistant plastic that also boasts the ability to withstand contamination that might otherwise contribute to corrosion. In addition to creating feature lists that are admirably well suited to the basic purpose in question, materials of this general class also often endow the resulting products with a lightweight tractability that makes them especially easy to work with.

As oil prices remain stable or climb more in the future, then, companies seeking to ramp up their own extraction activity will be well catered to. In many cases, small investments into supporting assets like these can ensure that money spent on drill pipe and other important equipment will go as far as possible.